These are examples of workshops that have been delivered in schools or other educational settings. They are simply to show you how work can fit with the cirriculum, or in other ways make creative practise relavant to the S.M.S.C. (Social Moral Spiritual Cultural) agenda.

They are only examples and we are interested in developing bespoke work for your institution or group.

The short term/ 1-2 day projects are ideal for Enrichment Days and Summer Challenges, but can also make memorable experiences embedded in many subject areas. They encourage cross cirricular delivery.

The key point is to see an intervention as creative practise in a given field of investigation and not just art.

"Eco" Workshops

anatomical drawing of seeds

Seeds Workshop

How Seeds Work

anatomical drawing of a bee

Bee Fail

Save the bees


Frog School of Camouflage

Camouflage Designs based on nature.



How different animal exploit different habitats and how we can help wildlife in our urban environment.


Healthy Eating

Healthy recipes based on nature.


Broken Toy Rescue

Saving the planet


Eco Activities

Nature as a learning environment

Workshops for schools can cover an extremely wide range of practise so it is not only the content but the practitioner/artist/educator that is essential to the delivery of high quality memorable experiences in learning.

Stephen Whitehead, (and the other practitioners working in Countershade), use a combination of story telling, performance, and interaction with participants from role play, physical experiences, debate, exploration and evaluation in the work.

There is also considerable time spent on planning and art direction and other resources, to tailor "off the shelf" packages to fit more exactly the needs of particular classes.

Please note that the workshop packages listed are just an indication of workshops that can be created; your input on future work is welcomed.

History Workshops

Stone age painting

The Stone Age

How art influenced our early anscestors.

Stephen dressed as an industrial entrepeneur

The Industrial Revolution

How art influenced the Industrial Revolution


The Romans

How the romans conquered the world and influenced art.

Countershade, as an environmental community interest company is interested in working on

  • smsc. issues that engage people in 'green diplomacy' and our commonality with one another through being part of nature.
  • History that helps us understand the reasons for conflict.
  • Develop social enterprise and recycling projects.
  • Develop soft skills, confidence and develop empathy with other peoples and the natural world, leading to measurable behavioral change.