Bee Fail

Bee Economy Alternative - FAIL Workshop

This workshop is designed to point out the importance of bees as pollinators to human farming as well as the overall environment. The other aspect of the work is to experience the importance of negative test results and failure.

Bee anatomy poster

Participants try to design systems and machines to replace a dying bee population.

Bee leg illustration

Work can be whimsical or a detailed attempt to quantify and replicate the work of pollinators.

honey bee anatomical drawing

Once drawn out with notations and/or created as a model/prototype, the work is then presented to the group.

The designer is encouraged to be critical of the weaknesses in the planned alternative through discussion with the whole group.

honey bee anatomical drawing

They fail the design themselves. The exercise is completed with the participant pressing a large 'FAIL' rubber stamp over their design as a successful completion of an investigation with the conclusion that bees are irreplacable as part of a sustainable ecosystem.

Wheel contraption

This process is undertaken for all participants who work individually or in groups.

Bee leg illustration